I'm concerned my child doesn't eat enough - what should I do?

It is imporatnt to realize that a child's portion is generally much smaller than an adult's portion.  Your child may be getting enough food to be healthy and grow normally.  Appetite and food intake are different at different ages and can be affected if your child is sick or has chronic disease.

If your child is growing normally, she or he may is probably eating enough. No matter how much a child eats, it is important to provide healthy foods, a calm and supportive eating environment and to allow your child decide how much to eat.

Hospitality Services I'm concerned that my child is under/overweight - what should I do?

If you think your child is under/overweight, first speak with your child's doctor. Your child's doctor will monitor your child's weight and height on growth charts to decide if his or her growth is appropriate.

Can I get my lab results over the phone?

Because of confidentality, we do not release lab results over the phone.  The reason is that we do not know who is at the other end of the phone and would not want to divulge lab results to wrong persons. To this end, we prefer to give lab results directly to our patients